What do I do if there was a deviation from the teaching schedule?

Adjustments to assigned teaching are sometimes required due to changes in clinical or personal schedules. If this happens:

  1. Contact your department, region or program when changes to teaching assignments are required or have taken place. Informing our staff of changes in advance will help us to ensure your quarterly teaching statement is correct.
  2. Report discrepancies on quarterly teaching statements within five business days from the date of the statement notification email to ensure your statement of teaching and payment can be corrected prior to the quarterly cut off.

When can I expect my statement?

Your statement is generated in the fiscal quarter following teaching delivery. Each year, your statement notification email will be sent in the first week of August, November, February and May. Please refer to the Quarterly Processing Timelines for specific dates.

How long will it take for me to be paid?

Our aim is to submit payment information to regional financial systems for fulfillment within 90 days following the end of the quarter when the teaching was delivered. Review our Quarterly Processing Timelines for a dates in the current fiscal year.

If you’ve signed up for direct deposit, then you will receive payment more quickly than if you are paid via mailed cheque.

What do I do if I see an error on the statement?

If you see an error on your statement, please submit an inquiry. Staff cannot assist you in revising your statement if you contact them directly.

I’m a new clinical faculty member. Do I need to sign up for TTPS?

No. You have provided all of the information required by TTPS in your clinical faculty application form. However, you will need a CWL account to access the system. Register for a CWL using your UBC ID and PIN. Your UBC ID and PIN can be found on your Welcome Letter. If you do not have a copy of your Welcome Letter, please contact your department or region for this information.

I encountered a “TTPS account configuration error.” What do I do?

If you have created your CWL recently, you may encounter a TTPS account configuration error. Please wait 24 hours and try again as it can take time for TTPS to update with your CWL details from the UBC CWL system. If you continue to experience difficulties signing in then please email ttps.launchhelp@ubc.ca for assistance.