Disha Mehta


Anesthesiologist, Clinical Instructor, Co-Discipline Specific Site Lead at Surrey Memorial Hospital


Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics 




Surrey Memorial Hospital 

Tell us about your role as a clinical faculty member at UBC?

I help coordinate all UBC medical learners who come through Surrey Memorial Hospital for their anesthesia rotations, including resident doctors and undergraduate medical students.

Best part of your job?

Ensuring learners have a good experience when they come through our site, but ultimately, having them in the operating room (OR) and teaching is the best part.

Who inspires you and why?

I am always inspired by the level of commitment and hyper-organized patient care I see in the operating rooms. The doctors, nurses and entire peri-operative team are absolutely phenomenal with every surgery they accomplish.  In a somewhat unrelated and loftier sense, I’m a big fan of American astronomer, Carl Sagan. That guy really saw the big picture and his perspective on the cosmos has been my inspiration for most of my life.

Tell us about a project or endeavour that you’ve participated in that makes you proud:

I helped coordinate our department’s response to COVID-19 as well as helped develop procedures for our OR.  I’m proud because it meant that I had to step out of my shell a bit while I was still quite a new member with the department. Also, the multi-disciplinary nature of the work was so rewarding and the experience ultimately helped me integrate quickly into the OR team.

Best advice for students:

If you are interested and engaged, you will go a long way. No one expects students to know everything when they come through a clinical rotation for the first time. But if you are prepared and proactive, you get a great experience in return.

How do you like to recharge?

I like to play video games, go for hikes and cuddle with my dog. I also sing, though I wouldn’t say my music lessons recharge me but they definitely help me stay firm in who I am.