UBC researchers win $100,000 grants to adapt cellphones to diagnose pneumonia
February 10, 2012Two UBC researchers who are testing the use of mobile phones to diagnose pneumonia and helping treat AIDS patients in Africa have just won $100,000 grants to help them do just that. Walter Karlen, a post-doctoral fellow in the university’s department of engineering, is developing a cellphone-based “camera oximeter” that rural doctors and nurses can […] Read More >

No evidence hormone, Viagra treatments boost female sexual desire: researcher
February 8, 2012Women are being prescribed testosterone and Viagra when there is no evidence either will improve their sex lives, says a UBC researcher specializing in sexual health. Lori Brotto, a psychologist and professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology, said that while there are no treatments approved by Health Canada for female sexual dysfunction, doctors […] Read More >

Lengthy waiting times cost health agencies $7 million
February 8, 2012Three of B.C.’s health authorities had $7 million in funding withheld by the provincial government as a penalty for not meeting waiting-time targets for certain surgeries last year. The strategy, now in its third year, provides an incentive to hospitals and health authorities to keep their surgical waiting times down. Jason Sutherland, an assistant professor […] Read More >

CIHR grant aims to expand understanding of cardiovascular health among those with spinal cord injuries
February 8, 2012The main cause of death in people with spinal cord injury (SCI) is cardiovascular disease. They develop it at younger ages and at greater rates than the able-bodied population. Now, a team led by Andrei Krassioukov – a Professor in the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, an investigator at ICORD, and a physician at […] Read More >

Photo exhibit goes behind the scenes at the Island Medical Program
February 8, 2012(Adapted from the University of Victoria’s The Ring community newspaper) His most famous photo is of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau sliding down a banister. But of all he’s shot in 60 years as a photographer, Ted Grant’s favourite work is the photo series he has done of doctors and nurses at work. It’s a project that began 30 […] Read More >

The Globe’s Power 50 list
February 8, 2012The Globe and Mail published its annual list of 50 individuals with the influence and desire to affect sport in Canada during 2012. Included in that list are Brian Day, Jack Taunton and Alex McKechnie – leading-edge sports medicine specialists. Day pioneered teaching of arthroscopic surgical techniques at UBC. Taunton has run 62 marathons in […] Read More >

BC Child Care Advocates in Geneva to Complain to UN
February 8, 2012Frustrated with a lack of development on provincial and national childcare programs, advocates are taking their concerns straight to the United Nations. The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC (CCCABC) will join a number of Canadian children’s advocates making presentations to the UN working group on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, […] Read More >

Troubling treatment
February 8, 2012Children and teens across Canada are caught in a terrible bind between needing the stabilizing response antipsychotic drugs provide and suffering the devastating side effects they can exact. Atypical, or second-generation, antipsychotic drugs came on the market in the 1990s and were designed to treat schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders. But despite the fact almost […] Read More >

Double take: Pink and Green Ribbon campaign ties breast health to environment
January 27, 2012Carolyn Gotay, who specializes in cancer prevention at UBC and is an affiliate scientist with the B.C. Cancer Agency, runs a prevention and risk-assessment clinic at the B.C. Women’s Hospital in Vancouver. She said upwards of 50 per cent of breast cancer diagnoses are preventable, with genetic factors accounting for only five to 10 per […] Read More >

Tests seek to end debate on CPR methods
January 27, 2012A North America-wide clinical trial starting Monday will evaluate the treatment methods used by firefighters and paramedics performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to determine which method gives victims of heart attack the best chance of survival. Dr. Jim Christenson is the B.C. principal investigator for the trial and head of UBC’s Department of Emergency Medicine. Christenson […] Read More >

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