For a Better BC
January 30, 2018Darcy Good is studying medicine to improve mental health within his First Nation community. Read More >

UBC medical students explore their theatrical side for charity
January 25, 2018UBC medical students are set to take to the stage for this year’s production of MedPlay, running February 1-3 and 8-10. Read More >

UBC-developed drug shows promise for calming overeager stem cells
January 25, 2018The drug stops stem cells from differentiating too early and too quickly. Read More >

Patient simulation expands at Kootenay Boundary
January 23, 2018The expansion is generating new education and training opportunities for medical students, residents and health professionals in Trail, B.C. Read More >

UBC Medicine receives 40% of national genomics funding
January 23, 2018The 10 projects, totaling $101 million, include an effort to reduce the risk of kidney transplant rejection. Read More >

By jamming a lock, UBC scientists stop cancer cell growth
January 18, 2018A team led by Christopher Ong in Urologic Sciences developed a protein-based drug that stops unrestricted cell proliferation. Next step: A clinical trial. Read More >

School of Biomedical Engineering expands to undergraduate education
January 16, 2018The new school will have 355 domestic undergraduate spaces. Read More >

Potential new diabetes treatment gets tryout in Vancouver
January 16, 2018Type 1 diabetes patients are being implanted with packets of pancreatic cells derived from stem cells, with the goal of restoring their insulin production. Read More >

An expert in women’s sexual health turns her attention to men
January 15, 2018Lori Brotto is comparing two methods for helping men regain sexual health after prostate cancer treatment. Read More >

UBC contributes to international hunt for asthma genes
December 22, 2017Denise Daley led the Canadian arm of the study, which found five new genes associated with the condition. Read More >

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