Mid-pelvic forceps, vacuum deliveries associated with higher rates of trauma for mothers and babies
June 5, 2017The UBC study found the procedures correlated with a higher rate of maternal or neonatal complications than cesarean deliveries. Read More >

Shedding new light on life with personalized medicine
May 31, 2017With the help of the Grech family's donation, a three year study was created, led by Professors Kevin and Cheryl Gregory-Evans using a personalized medicine approach to treating vision loss. Read More >

New online addiction training program launched
May 30, 2017The Online Addiction Medicine Diploma is the latest educational initiative of the B.C. Centre on Substance Use, which began operations this year. Read More >

UBC receives federal grant to promote safer boating
May 23, 2017The three-year project will be led by Ian Pike in the Department of Pediatrics. Read More >

Tuum Est! Graduation 2017
May 23, 2017Hundreds of graduates recently gathered to celebrate their achievements and look ahead to the next stage of their careers. Read More >

Students hit the road to recruit future healthcare professionals
May 18, 2017UBC students recently teamed up with other university students from across BC and Canada to inspire rural high school students to pursue future careers in healthcare. Read More >

To crack vaccine code, UBC assembles its own “Ocean’s Thirteen”
May 16, 2017An eclectic group of scientists has been tapped to understand why vaccines work -- and sometimes don't. Read More >

Link found between cannabis use and reduced use of crack cocaine
May 16, 2017UBC scientists observed reductions in the frequency of crack use following periods in which people reported using cannabis. Read More >

UBC scientists find new subtypes of ovarian cancer, with new potential treatment strategies
May 16, 2017The research, led by Associate Professor Sohrab Shah, was published in Nature Genetics. Read More >

Researchers uncover potential risks of common MS treatment
May 15, 2017The study found an increased risk of events such as stroke, migraine and depression among people taking beta interferons. Read More >

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