Back to School 2017: Meet our Students

This fall, learners from across a wide range of programs in the Faculty of Medicine will start a new academic year. Meet some of the learners here.

Marlee Vinegar

Public Health

Mohammad Badran


Stephen McCarthy

Vancouver-Fraser Medical Program

Kelcey Bland

Rehabilitation Sciences

Sajad Niyyati

Island Medical Program

Logan Trenaman

Population & Public Health

Jens Vent-Schmidt

Experimental Medicine

Kayleigh Campbell

Reproductive & Developmental Sciences

Andrew Ashley

Family Medicine Residency

Hannah Duyvewaardt

Southern Medical Program

Brennan Wadsworth

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Samantha Peeters

Medical Genetics

Amanda Pisio

Cell & Developmental Biology

Mackenzie Lawrence

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Meghan Radebe


Gurkirat Kaur Kandola

Northern Medical Program

Miranda Doherty

Rehabilitation Science (Online)

Alana Marshall

Occupational Therapy

Laura Mathae

Interdisciplinary Oncology

Ellen Koch


Suzy An

Medical Laboratory Science

Jesse Charlton

Physical Therapy (MPT/PhD)