Back to School 2017: Meet our Students

This fall, learners from across a wide range of programs in the Faculty of Medicine will start a new academic year. Meet some of the learners here.

Kelcey Bland

Rehabilitation Sciences

Hannah Duyvewaardt

Southern Medical Program

Samantha Peeters

Medical Genetics

Jesse Charlton

Physical Therapy (MPT/PhD)

Sajad Niyyati

Island Medical Program

Alana Marshall

Occupational Therapy

Meghan Radebe


Amanda Pisio

Cell & Developmental Biology

Ellen Koch


Logan Trenaman

Population & Public Health

Jens Vent-Schmidt

Experimental Medicine

Mackenzie Lawrence

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Miranda Doherty

Rehabilitation Science (Online)

Mohammad Badran


Suzy An

Medical Laboratory Science

Gurkirat Kaur Kandola

Northern Medical Program

Andrew Ashley

Family Medicine Residency

Kayleigh Campbell

Reproductive & Developmental Sciences

Marlee Vinegar

Public Health

Stephen McCarthy

Vancouver-Fraser Medical Program

Brennan Wadsworth

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Laura Mathae

Interdisciplinary Oncology