Combatting COVID-19

Hear from UBC experts, learn more about work on the frontlines, and discover the latest research helping to combat the global outbreak.

UBC scientists sequencing the genomes of Canadians with COVID-19

Research could explain why COVID-19 is mild for some, fatal for others.

UBC researchers set sights on coronavirus antibodies

A new research project may produce new treatment methods for patients with COVID-19 and help prevent transmission of the deadly virus.

Sexual health and domestic violence during COVID-19

Dr. Lori Brotto is leading a national survey to measure changes in sexual health and the prevalence of gender-based violence during COVID-19.

Evaluating COVID-19 vaccines amid pandemic poses challenges

A new paper reveals the pandemic presents a unique challenge when it comes to evaluating the efficacy of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

UBC faculty of medicine researchers receive nearly $14M in federal funding for COVID-19 research

The latest investment supports COVID-19 research on drug research, obstetrics, medical imaging, Indigenous health and more.

Pregnancy and birth in the time of a pandemic

UBC’s Dr. Deborah Money is leading a national study examining maternal and infant outcomes among pregnant women with COVID-19.

Predicting the evolution of COVID-19 to help manage future outbreaks

A new project will help inform the early design of effective tests, therapies and vaccines.

Making a difference: UBC medical students support patients in self-isolation

Volunteers offer non-medical follow-up help and advice.

UBC researchers join with partners to develop portable ultrasound scanner network for COVID-19

Scanner expected to speed up diagnoses in rural and remote areas.