Vision: Transforming Health for Everyone awarded two platinum MUSE Creative Awards for 2020

The Faculty of Medicine was recently awarded two internationally-recognized platinum MUSE creative awards for excellence in communications and marketing.

The Faculty of Medicine’s short film Vision was recognized with a platinum MUSE creative award in the category of Video – School/Universities. The film – which is now in wide release – features staff, faculty, students and learners from across the province where they live, work and play. All of the people featured in the film were nominated by their peers as examples of those who truly embrace and exemplify the vision through their work.

A second platinum award was conferred in the category of Strategic Program – Employee Relations for the engagement program the Faculty embarked upon in late 2019 and early 2020. At events across the province, members of the Faculty community came together to celebrate the contributions of our faculty, staff, students and learners who are bringing the vision to life every day. Participants also provided their input into the development of a set of core values that will shape the Faculty’s activities, interactions and decisions in the years ahead.

Katie White

The film and engagement program are the product of the creative leadership of Katie White, executive director, communications and co-executive producer of the film, who was inspired to use visual storytelling to illustrate the Faculty’s vision and impact through film – a first for a faculty of medicine in Canada.

“It was truly an honour to have the opportunity to tell the story of the UBC Faculty of Medicine, and to recognize the incredible province-wide community that is enabling us to deliver on our vision,” says Katie White, executive director, communications.

“We are tremendously grateful to everyone around the province who participated in the making of the film, and who contributed their thoughtful feedback on the Faculty’s core values. These values are fundamental to creating and sustaining the organizational culture to which we aspire.”

Zac Rothman

The story was brought to life by Zac Rothman, Senior Producer & Creative Lead, Video & Digital Media, and his dedicated team at Educational Technology (EdTech): Technology Enabled Learning & Innovation at UBC Faculty of Medicine.

“I’m so proud of this film,” says Rothman, the film’s director and producer. “I can see so many creative choices and teamwork reflected in the final product, and behind all those choices lies a vision built on genuine optimism and belief in a brighter future. There’s real passion in this Faculty, and I think it shows through in every frame.”

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