“Seduced by false promise”
February 5, 2015Professors Judy Illes and Fabio Rossi express concern about Gordie Howe's use of experimental stem-cell therapy to try to improve his recovery from stroke. Read More >

Mental health rehabilitation through the patient lens
February 3, 2015Occupational therapist and postdoctoral fellow Skye Barbic says our current understanding of mental health recovery on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is too narrow. Read More >

Brain change
February 2, 2015Lara Boyd explores whether an unorthodox curriculum has a neurological impact on children. Read More >

A physician does an about-face, based on her own research
January 28, 2015Clinical Professor Laura Magee found, to her surprise, that lowering pregnant women's blood pressure is safer for them and safe for their babies. Read More >

Marco Marra appointed Head, Department of Medical Genetics
January 26, 2015His role will focus on fostering excellence and scholarship in education, research and service. Read More >

Closing the “injury gap”
January 23, 2015The injury rate for Aboriginal people in B.C. is falling faster than it is for the general population. Read More >

Adam Peets appointed Assistant Dean, Clinical Education, MD Undergraduate Program
January 21, 2015He will provide global academic leadership for clinical education across all distributed sites. Read More >

Northern Medical Program celebrates 10 years of MD education
January 16, 2015The program, once considered "an impractical dream," began in 2005 with 24 students. Read More >

NeuroDevNet gains renewed funding
January 16, 2015The UBC-based network, dedicated to investigating childhood brain development, received almost $20 million from the federal government. Read More >

A new pathway for internationally-educated midwives
January 14, 2015The province is funding a streamlined training program aimed at midwives from abroad who want to practice in B.C. Read More >

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