Parkinson's gene identified with help of Mennonite family
June 27, 2012Medical Genetics Professor Matthew Farrer says the discovery helps unify past genetic discoveries about the disease. Read More >

Researchers show that stem cells can beat back diabetes
June 27, 2012Professor Tim Kieffer used human stem cell transplants to restore self-regulating insulin production in mice. Read More >

UNBC appoints new head to NMP
June 26, 2012Prince George physician Dr. Paul Winwood has been appointed head of academic medicine for UNBC’s Northern Medical Program.Winwood will hold dual titles beginning July 1: regional associate dean for northern B.C. in the UBC Faculty of Medicine and vice provost of medicine at UNBC.“As a physician and teacher working in northern B. C, I have […] Read More >

Dr. Evan Wood: The war on drugs has failed
June 26, 2012The international war on drugs has been an abysmal fiasco, leading to increased violence and failing to stem the growth of the drug trade despite its enormous expense to taxpayers, writes UBC professor of medicine Dr. Evan Wood in the National Post.Furthermore, Dr. Wood cites data indicating that the spread of blood-borne diseases like HIV […] Read More >

Smartphone app helps B.C. track ovarian cancer outcomes
June 25, 2012A locally-created new smartphone app is enabling ovarian cancer surgeons in B.C. to record details directly from the surgical suite to the provincial database where ovarian cancer tumour information is stored, investigated and tracked. The app, developed by the Cheryl Brown Ovarian Cancer Outcomes unit, a division of the Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OvCaRe), prompts […] Read More >

High Island ridership comes with a price: Crashes take a jump
June 24, 2012Cycling accidents on Vancouver Island are rising at a faster rate than in any other region in B.C., which has some experts questioning a recent push to relax mandatory bike-helmet laws. Although helmets reduce cycling injuries, some believe infrastructure provides the greatest safety benefit.“People want infrastructure that is away from traffic, either physically by a […] Read More >

Anti-bacterial products linked to children’s allergies
June 22, 2012Research from Johns Hopkins University indicates that antibacterial products, like soaps and household cleaners, may contribute to allergies among children.UBC microbiologist Brett Findlay is not surprised by the results, and advised that people use anti-bacterial products in strict moderation.“We call it the hygiene hypothesis – we just live too clean these days,” said Findlay. “All […] Read More >

A modicum of solace for MS patients — lower cancer risk
June 21, 2012Elaine Kingwell, a postdoctoral fellow in the Brain Research Centre, led the study. Read More >

Inner city school food deliveries switch to centres for the summer
June 21, 2012Deliveries of provisions from independent philanthropist Jim Duggan’s food distribution program will shift from inner-city schools to community centres during the summer, while school is not in session.In addition to providing sustenance to needy children, Duggan also volunteers with a food co-op established under the guidance of UBC pediatrician Dr. Barbara Fitzgerald.Called the Buyers’ Club, […] Read More >

Executive function skills predict children’s success in life and in school
June 21, 2012By combining the fields of neuroscience and developmental psychology in her research, UBC neuropsychologist Adele Diamond has revealed that the executive functions of the brain are at least as important as IQ in predicting the future success of a child.“If you look at what predicts how well children will do later in school, more and […] Read More >

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