Hand-me-down immunity
December 20, 2013Deborah Money is exploring the idea of ‘pre-loading’ immunity by vaccinating women during pregnancy to protect newborns. Read More >

UBC-VCH scientists use a drug to repair a rare birth defect
December 20, 2013Using specially formulated eye drops, a team led by Cheryl Gregory-Evans restored vision in mice born with aniridia. Read More >

Behind bars, HIV flourishes among drug users
December 16, 2013When incarcerated, they are more likely to have higher levels of HIV in their blood -- thus increasing the risk of transmission. Read More >

A hospital makes room for learning
December 13, 2013Ground is broken for dedicated academic space at the University Hospital of Northern B.C. Read More >

Asthma’s drain on the workplace
December 12, 2013Most of the productivity loss is through "presenteeism" -- reporting for work but not doing the job as well as it could be done. Read More >

Executive Associate Dean Howard Feldman interviewed at G8 Dementia Summit
December 12, 2013The CBC spoke with Dr. Feldman, Professor of Neurology and a member of the Canadian delegation. Read More >

Canadian Rx Atlas maps billions in savings — for now
December 12, 2013UBC health economists predict the decrease in spending will be short-lived because of expected spending on "niche" drugs. Read More >

Biomarker test for “lung attacks” receives development funding
December 9, 2013The $7.2 million grant will enable more tailored treatments for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Read More >

A recipe for understanding cancer
December 6, 2013Collect data on 30,000 people. Wait 10 years. Track their health. Analyze. Read More >

Bruce Wright appointed Regional Associate Dean, Vancouver Island
December 5, 2013Recruited from the University of Calgary, Dr. Wright will lead undergraduate and postgraduate medical programs throughout Vancouver Island. Read More >

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