InterCultural Online Network receives funding to help prevent and manage diabetes in BC’s multicultural rural communities
August 13, 2012The project will establish a peer-support diabetes program. Read More >

Working to protect Olympic athletes from injuries
July 30, 2012Babak Shadgan, a postdoctoral research fellow, aims to develop evidence-based recommendations for wrestling and other sports. Read More >

Psychiatry resident uses soccer to help at-risk individuals
July 27, 2012Dr. Bates has taken some of his players to competitions in Rio de Janeiro and Paris. Read More >

Four new appointments to Faculty’s leadership
July 24, 2012Frederick Mikelberg, Professor in the Dept. of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, is the new Vice-Dean, Academic Affairs. Read More >

Evan Wood, Julio Montaner send message to President Obama, Mitt Romney
July 23, 2012Dr. Wood, a Clinical Associate Professor, was interviewed by the CBC about an advertising campaign decrying the war on drugs. Read More >

Severe flu increases risk of Parkinson’s
July 20, 2012The epidemiological study also found that having red measles in childhood lowered the odds of developing the disease. Read More >

Widely-used MS drug doesn’t measurably slow progression of the disease, researchers find
July 18, 2012The study, by Associate Professor of Neurology Helen Tremlett and others, examined the effectiveness of beta-interferons. Read More >

Three new appointments to Faculty's education portfolio
June 27, 2012Paul Winwood becomes the Faculty's new Regional Associate Dean, Northern B.C. and UNBC's Vice Provost Medicine July 1. Read More >

Parkinson's gene identified with help of Mennonite family
June 27, 2012Medical Genetics Professor Matthew Farrer says the discovery helps unify past genetic discoveries about the disease. Read More >

Researchers show that stem cells can beat back diabetes
June 27, 2012Professor Tim Kieffer used human stem cell transplants to restore self-regulating insulin production in mice. Read More >

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