Cancer Research Society awards six grants to Faculty of Medicine scientists
January 25, 2013The organization visited Vancouver Jan. 24 to announce more than $700,000 in funding. Read More >

UBC-developed test for predicting lung attacks moves toward the market
January 23, 2013The biomarker was developed by the PROOF Center, led by Bruce McManus (centre). Read More >

Exploring the barriers to midwifery care
January 21, 2013The study seeks to determine why use of midwives is not equally distributed across the B.C. population. Read More >

New research finds link between slower growth of pre-term infants and altered brain development
January 16, 2013The study used MRI scans of pre-term infants shortly after birth (A), and then at what would been their due date (B). Read More >

Robert Sindelar appointed Associate Dean, Research and President of Providence Health Care Research Institute
December 24, 2012Dr. Sindelar’s expertise lies in medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug discovery, and health care system innovation. Read More >

UBC researchers probe causes of injection drug use by street-involved youth
December 20, 2012Homelessness and childhood sex abuse were key risk factors, according to a pair of published studies. Read More >

New physiotherapy teaching lab opens in the North
December 14, 2012Regan Daoust (left), a student in the Northern and Rural Cohort, which is being coordinated by Instructor Robin Roots. Read More >

UBC leads national study on HPV vaccine
December 12, 2012The study, which is seeking participants, will try to determine whether two doses of the vaccine are as protective as three. Read More >

The hidden damage of "small strokes"
December 11, 2012Claudia Jacova and Oscar Benavente found that half of the people who suffered lacunar strokes had mild cognitive impairment. Read More >

A mussel's stickiness inspires invention of an adhesive gel for blood vessels
December 10, 2012The gel, co-invented by Assistant Professor Christian Kastrup, could prevent aneurisms and heart attacks. Read More >

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