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2016/17 Organizing Committee

Sr. Co-Chairs:

f871bd23-c585-48a4-bfcd-cb26ab494d7f                               img_4121

Paulina Piesik                                                                       Luckshi Rajendran


Jr. Co-Chair:


Mark Trinder


Sr. & Jr. Program Managers:

Parker_20Vanier_20Photo                                  ubc%20photo

Parker Jobin                                                                          Alvin Qiu


Sr. & Jr. Logistics Managers:

12669304_706773459359126_1684568740_o                               img_4766

Tony Zhao                                                                            Destiny Lu-Cleary


Abstract Managers:

Version 3                                      14543795_10154617046198966_2726045694236123138_o

Laura Jowon Kim                                                                Parv Chapani


Finance Director & Website Manager:


Luckshi Rajendran


Faculty of Medicine Representative (Dean’s Office):

Linda Herbert


Past SHARC Committee Members


Kendric Wang, Paulina Piesik (Co-Chairs)

Amanda Dancsok, Parker Jobin (Program Directors)

Luckshi Rajendran (Financial Director, Website Manager)

Tony Zhao, Hanna Parmar (Logistics Managers)

Vivian Braithwaite, Ronnie Gant (Promotions and Public Relations Managers)

Ada Lo (Research Workshop Manager)

Carson Gill (SMP Site Representative)