UBC and partners break ground for new hospice
May 24, 2012The $4.5 million project will provide end-of-life care for individuals, and help improve palliative care through research and training. Read More >

Medical research in ‘perilous state’
May 23, 2012The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) should increase funding for randomized trials from 3.3 per cent to 10 per cent of its overall budget within five years, investigators say in an essay in this week’s issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Randomized controlled trials involving thousands of people are the gold standard way […] Read More >

Exercise is healthy, but does it make you live longer?
May 23, 2012A growing body of evidence shows that regular exercise can delay or prevent many age-related ailments including osteoporosis, arthritis, dementia and more.Increasingly, research suggests that being active could be one of the best strategies for people who suffer from pain and stiffness due to osteoarthritis.“Almost all studies show that exercise reduces pain and disability,” says […] Read More >

UBC graduates record number of aboriginal MDs
May 23, 2012The UBC medical undergraduate degree program set up an Aboriginal MD Admissions Program in 2001 to try to attract aboriginal students to become doctors. Since the program started, 35 aboriginal students have completed their studies in medicine. There are another 22 enrolled in the four-year MD program.Ryan Lieph, a member of the Sooke First Nation, […] Read More >

UBC graduates its largest class of Aboriginal MD students
May 22, 2012Twelve Aboriginal students will graduate with a UBC medical undergraduate degree (MD) this spring. Read More >

Treatment of obesity ‘a failure’: MD
May 22, 2012In the journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, doctors are debating whether it’s futile to try to treat obesity. According to a review article published in the issue, people in the “high-normal” or overweight range have the lowest mortality, or risk of dying. “In terms of your chances of dying related to […] Read More >

Easing the pain, or worsening it
May 20, 2012Sixty-three years after its commercial development, cortisone – the generic term for any injectable corticosteroid – remains a sports-medicine staple, its anti-inflammatory qualities often providing relief for athletes experiencing pain in their joints.Because the drug masks pain instead of addressing its root cause, some fear it encourages patients to overuse their tendon, risking additional damage. […] Read More >

Doctors decry sedating mentally ill
May 18, 2012Lives are being put at risk by British Columbia guidelines that require psychiatric patients to be heavily sedated before they are allowed on an air ambulance, according to several rural doctors who say the mentally ill are being stereotyped as dangerous.Paul Dagg, an associate professor of psychiatry at UBC, said the flaws in the policy, […] Read More >

The uphill push for a cure
May 16, 2012It has been 25 years since Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion tour. Hansen believes that a major breakthrough in treatment will come within 25 years. The Rick Hansen Foundation has thrown its weight behind the Spinal Cord Registry, the creation of spinal cord researcher and surgeon Dr. Marcel Dvorak, professor and head of the Academic […] Read More >

Weight-training may be panacea for aging brain
May 15, 2012Teresa Liu-Ambrose, a UBC researcher, has been conducting studies that suggest we should pay more attention to the effects of strength training on maintaining cognitive function. An earlier study by Liu-Ambrose was the first to establish that strength training even as rarely as once a week can significantly benefit brain functions in senior women.Her most […] Read More >

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