New tool maps nature across Vancouver to boost mental health
September 27, 2017The study sampled 200 parks in both low-and high-income areas, from Vancouver to Lions Bay and Abbotsford. Read More >

Early guidance can help future moms fight fear of childbirth
September 20, 2017Providing women with early knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth could help reduce unncessary C-sections finds Postdoctoral Fellow Kathrin Stoll. Read More >

Health care, education key to keeping women offenders out of prison
September 19, 2017Researchers interviewed 400 women leaving a B.C. correctional centre. Read More >

Preventable dental problems land many in the emergency room
September 14, 2017More than 12,300 visits to B.C. emergency rooms (ER) every year for non-traumatic dental problems could be prevented if people had better access to dental care, according to new UBC research. Read More >

UBC recognizes three of Canada’s top health scientists
August 30, 2017Stanley Nattel, Ian Mackenzie and Eduardo Franco are being honoured for their accomplishments in heart health, brain health and cancer. Read More >

Back to School
August 28, 2017Discover some of the bold education initiatives transforming how the Faculty is training the next generation of health care providers and researchers. Read More >

Mixed reality gives neuroanatomy lessons a boost
August 28, 2017UBC's Faculty of Medicine teams up with Microsoft to help students visualize the brain's 3D structure. Read More >

UBC erases boundaries between engineering and health
August 19, 2017The deans of Medicine and Applied Science, writing in the Vancouver Sun, explain why UBC created a School of Biomedical Engineering. Read More >

Vancouver Summer Program in Medicine welcomes record number of students from around the world
August 14, 2017The four-week academic program offers international students an opportunity to take courses in everything from biochemistry to physical therapy. Read More >

Every person counts in effort to reduce HIV infection
August 14, 2017A recent study from Ashleigh Rich, PhD student in SPPH reveals a much better understanding of the scope of HIV among the MSM at-risk population. Read More >

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