Office of Clinical Faculty Affairs

The Office of Clinical Faculty Affairs, based at the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre at Vancouver General Hospital, is an advocate for, and fosters recognition and reward of, clinical faculty.

The office facilitates two-way communication and understanding between clinical faculty and the Faculty of Medicine. The office, under the direction of Dr. Nimmo, promotes clinical faculty development and initiatives in teaching and scholarly activity, educational leadership, and research. It encourages participation of clinical faculty in the administration and operation of the Faculty, its departments, and at the various sites throughout BC.

Clinical faculty also are represented by the Clinical Faculty Affairs Committee, an advisory group consisting of representatives from each department within the Faculty of Medicine. The members present the concerns of their respective departments to the Director of Clinical Faculty Affairs.  Visit Clinical Faculty Affairs Committee to find your department contact.

Office of Clinical Faculty Affairs
Faculty of Medicine, UBC
2775 Laurel Street, 11th Floor
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1M9

cropped-Gurdeep-Parhar1.jpgDr. Parhar provides strategic coordination between the Faculty of Medicine and the Health Authorities, and works with the provincial government, agencies and other universities and public sector institutions to strengthen and support faculty members engaged in clinical activities throughout the Province.

Dr. Nimmo is the principal liaison between clinical faculty and the Faculty of Medicine, providing a mechanism for clinical faculty members in all departments and sites to be represented and supported at various senior Faculty of Medicine forums. He also communicates the mandate and priorities of the Faculty of Medicine to members of clinical faculty, and provides advice and communicates the status of services to the Dean and his executive team.

Dr. Nimmo was first appointed as a Clinical Instructor in 2000, and is currently a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and a General Pathologist with Vancouver Coastal Health. Before coming to UBC, he practiced corporate law at Lang Michener Lawrence & Shaw in Vancouver.

Office of Clinical Affairs
Gordon & Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre, 11th floor
2775 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
tel: 604-875-4111 ext 68347