Becoming Clinical Faculty

Clinical Faculty members are crucial to the Faculty of Medicine’s vision: Through knowledge, creating health. They teach and inspire our learners and are the role models for the next generation of healthcare professionals. They often also make significant contributions in administration, professional development, and translational and clinical research.

Why Teach?

  • the opportunity to teach enthusiastic learners who can invigorate and sustain your clinical and academic interests;
Comments from our clinical faculty regarding the benefits of teaching: 

“They learn – I learn.”

“Teaching motivates me to keep up with current literature.”

“It is important for them to know about my area as it applies to all areas of medicine.”

“Teaching keeps me enthusiastic and up to date.”

“I want to be a small part of shaping clinicians of tomorrow.”

  • association and collaboration with others in the Faculty of Medicine and throughout UBC, UNBC and UVic; and
  • the infrastructure and resources to facilitate research focused on improving patient care, patient outcomes and professional practice.

Read more about the services and resources available to clinical faculty.

Learning to Teach

Many health professionals are concerned that they have received little or no formal training as an educator. We are understand these concerns and recommend training before starting any teaching assignments. These faculty development sessions occur at various dates, times and locales.

How to Apply

To find out more about becoming a Clinical Faculty Member, or to apply, please contact one of the following people, depending on your location in British Columbia:

Dale Dreffs
2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
P: 604 875 4111 x68347 | F: 604 875 5611

Niobe Getty
3800 Finnerty Road, Victoria BC V8P 5C2
P: 250 721 7224 | F: 250 472 5505

Amber Rushton
3333 University Way, Prince George BC V2N 4Z9
P: 250 960 6352 | F: 250 960 5518

Donna Russo
3333 University Way, Kelowna BC V1V 1V7
P: 250 807 9189 | F: 250 807 9687