Kate Shannon, Gender and Sexual Health

Canada Research Chair in Global Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS

Kate Shannon

Dr. Kate Shannon is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Faculty in the School of Population and Public Health. Her work continues to push science-driven policy and practice in sexual health and HIV/AIDS for key affected populations, both in Canada and globally.

Her team has published extensively on the role of structural drivers in shaping sexual health and HIV/STI prevention, treatment, and care. Most recently she published a landmark paper in the Lancet launched at AIDS 2014 on the potential for decriminalization of sex work to drastically alter the course of HIV epidemics among sex workers and clients across Kenya, India, and Canada.

She is also leading efforts on violence and HIV, including WHO and UNAIDS guidelines, and recently launched a new community-based project in Vancouver examining gaps in sexual health and HIV care for women living with HIV in partnership with community, policy, and service leaders.