Judy Illes, Neuroethics

Canada Research Chair in Neuroethics

Judy Illes

Dr. Judy Illes, a Professor of Neurology, her research focuses on ethical, legal, social, and policy challenges specifically at the intersection of the neurosciences and biomedical ethics.

This includes studies in the areas of functional brain imaging and neurogenetics in basic and clinical research, addiction neuroethics, stem cells and regenerative medicine, neurodevelopmental disorders, and the commercialization of cognitive neuroscience. She also leads a robust program of research and outreach devoted to improving the literacy of neuroscience and engaging stakeholders on a global scale. Recent results from her work on early-onset dementia with First Nations highlight the profound impact that changes in the environment from resource development are having on the brain and mental health of communities and individuals. In this new area of inquiry called Environmental Neuroethics, Dr. Illes and her team are exploring where the gaps in knowledge about these critical changes lie today, and identifying priorities for research and policy.