Working to protect Olympic athletes from injuries
July 30, 2012Babak Shadgan, a postdoctoral research fellow, aims to develop evidence-based recommendations for wrestling and other sports. Read More >

Psychiatry resident uses soccer to help at-risk individuals
July 27, 2012Dr. Bates has taken some of his players to competitions in Rio de Janeiro and Paris. Read More >

Four new appointments to Faculty’s leadership
July 24, 2012Frederick Mikelberg, Professor in the Dept. of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, is the new Vice-Dean, Academic Affairs. Read More >

Evan Wood, Julio Montaner send message to President Obama, Mitt Romney
July 23, 2012Dr. Wood, a Clinical Associate Professor, was interviewed by the CBC about an advertising campaign decrying the war on drugs. Read More >

Severe flu increases risk of Parkinson’s
July 20, 2012The epidemiological study also found that having red measles in childhood lowered the odds of developing the disease. Read More >

Widely-used MS drug doesn’t measurably slow progression of the disease, researchers find
July 18, 2012The study, by Associate Professor of Neurology Helen Tremlett and others, examined the effectiveness of beta-interferons. Read More >

Three new appointments to Faculty's education portfolio
June 27, 2012Paul Winwood becomes the Faculty's new Regional Associate Dean, Northern B.C. and UNBC's Vice Provost Medicine July 1. Read More >

Parkinson's gene identified with help of Mennonite family
June 27, 2012Medical Genetics Professor Matthew Farrer says the discovery helps unify past genetic discoveries about the disease. Read More >

Researchers show that stem cells can beat back diabetes
June 27, 2012Professor Tim Kieffer used human stem cell transplants to restore self-regulating insulin production in mice. Read More >

Smartphone app helps B.C. track ovarian cancer outcomes
June 25, 2012A locally-created new smartphone app is enabling ovarian cancer surgeons in B.C. to record details directly from the surgical suite to the provincial database where ovarian cancer tumour information is stored, investigated and tracked. The app, developed by the Cheryl Brown Ovarian Cancer Outcomes unit, a division of the Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OvCaRe), prompts […] Read More >

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