Jasmine Grewal


Clinical Associate Professor






St. Paul’s Hospital

Tell us about your role as a clinical faculty member at UBC?

My role includes many responsibilities. From a clinical perspective I look after adults with congenital heart disease, pregnant women with cardiac disease and patients in the cardiac intensive care unit. I am also an echocardiographer and involved with structural heart disease work at St. Paul’s Hospital. My research focuses on adults with congenital heart disease and pregnancy and heart disease – in this capacity I supervise undergraduate students, medical students, and residents. In all of this work, teaching is critical both formally and informally.

Best part of your job?

Working with so many people from different disciplines, backgrounds, expertise and places. Always learning something new from someone – that is a true gift.

Who inspires you and why?

My mother inspires me – she is my constant rarely deviating from her principles and ideals….this grounds me.

Tell us about a project or endeavour that you’ve participated in that makes you proud:

The Yasmin and Amir Virani Provincial Adult Congenital Heart Program looks after adults with congenital heart disease across British Columbia. A recent endeavour that I am proud of is establishing a partnership/outreach program in Kelowna. Members of our team now go to Kelowna twice a year to bring ACHD care closer to patients living in the Interior. Coming to Vancouver for Cardiology care is often a psychosocial and/or financial barrier for many of these patients. We are working hard to provide equal access to care for all of our adult congenital heart patients.

Best advice for students:

Do what you love!

How do you like to recharge?

Spending time with my family doing anything outdoors.