Corinna Ng


Clinical Assistant Professor


Physical Therapy


Neuromuscular (NMS) Outpatient Program Student-Led Clinic, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
UBC Department of Physical Therapy



Tell us about your role as a clinical faculty member at UBC?

I am a clinical instructor for the NMS Outpatient Program Student-led Clinic at GF Strong where I am responsible for mentoring and teaching physical therapy students throughout their clinical rotations. I also assist the UBC Department of Physical Therapy with relevant courses and exams to support ongoing student learning.

Best part of your job?

I love teaching students and watching them learn and grow over the span of their placement. It’s always so rewarding to see them develop their own clinical reasoning and be able to apply it in their treatment sessions to help their clients improve and achieve their goals.

Who inspires you and why?

I am constantly inspired by my clients, many of whom live with chronic conditions that  progress over time. They have such a strong will and perseverance and work hard to optimize their body’s function in order to live as healthy as possible. These clients remind me that no matter what seemingly big challenges lay ahead of you, there is always a way that you can take ownership of your life.

Tell us about a project or endeavour that you’ve participated in that makes you proud?

I developed a group exercise class in our clinic for my clients who live with multiple sclerosis as a way to encourage exercise in a supportive environment. It made me proud because these clients would end up connecting with each other and developing bonds beyond their time in the clinic to support each other’s ongoing health and growth.

Best advice for students?

Don’t worry about being “perfect.” Part of learning is being okay in making mistakes and learning from them. Be comfortable to always ask questions of your mentors and seek support from them especially when you are learning something new.

How do you like to recharge?

Spending time with my husband and two boys. I also enjoy going for early morning runs where I can just have time to myself and reflect on the day ahead.