Women in Research: Lynn Raymond
March 7, 2017UBC Professor Lynn Raymond talks about her interest in neurology, her current projects and the benefits of having a career in research. Read More >

Women in Research: Sheona Mitchell-Foster
March 7, 2017UBC Assistant Professor Sheona Mitchell-Foster talks about her interest in reproductive health research and her current projects. Read More >

Women in Research: Nadia Khan
March 7, 2017UBC Professor Nadia Khan talks about her research interests and shares advice for women wanting to pursue a career in scientific research. Read More >

UBC medical students celebrate first step on path to residency
March 1, 2017On March 1, fourth-year UBC medical students gathered to celebrate the results of the first round of the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS). Read More >

Connecting rural physicians with ultrasound
February 27, 2017UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Continuing Professional Development team is offering rural physicians and medical residents on-site training in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). Read More >

Universal public coverage of essential medicines would improve access, save billions
February 27, 2017Publicly funding essential medicines could cover the cost of nearly half of all prescriptions in Canada, according to new research by UBC's Steve Morgan. Read More >

Study sheds light on B.C. youths’ experiences with mental health services
February 27, 2017As a UBC graduate student in Rehabilitation Sciences, Shalini Lal highlighted the impact of mental health services on young people with psychosis. Read More >

Some people with cardiac chest pain can avoid further testing
February 20, 2017Clinical Assistant Professor Christopher Fordyce and colleagues in the U.S. developed an online tool to help decide whether further testing can be deferred. Read More >

Breaking barriers to care in mental health
February 17, 2017Colonel Jetly, Senior psychiatrist and Mental Health Advisor to the Surgeon General from the Canadian Armed Forces, talks with UBC medical students about mental health. Read More >

Yeast found in babies’ guts increases risk of asthma
February 17, 2017Microbiologist Brett Finlay will now re-examine the Canadian samples and look for the presence of yeast in the gut of infants. Read More >

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