The Office of Professionalism is available to support and advise faculty and learners.


The Office of Professionalism provides Faculty of Medicine wide oversight, guidance, and support to meet the University and Faculty goals of maintaining respectful work and learning environments that reflect the principles set out in UBC’s Statement on Respectful Environment and are aligned with accreditation standards. The Office will support culture change through initiatives that build skills for faculty and learners and enhance the work and learning environments.

The Office is involved in the following activities:

  • Triaging and providing support in the management of workplace and learning environment concerns and complaints
  • Mistreatment Help
  • Advising and assisting faculty and students with concerns related to professional standards and professional conduct
  • Policy Development
  • Reporting
  • Educational Programs and Faculty Development
  • Interfacing with UBC central offices such as the Student Violence Prevention and Resource Office, the Office of Independent Investigations, the Office of Equity and Inclusion and Vice-President Students
  • Liaising with external organizations, including the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, on matters related to professionalism and/or the work and learning environment



Office of Professionalism
Faculty of Medicine | The University of British Columbia
2775 Laurel Street, 11th Floor
Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 1M9