Case Scenarios

There is an increasing awareness of and interest in medical professionalism in medical education and practice. Issues in medical professionalism are inherently complex, yet of vital importance to students. It is crucial that students receive adequate training in these issues.

Utilizing the CanMEDS core competencies, 24 case scenarios exploring situations where students have had inappropriate behaviours and breached one of the core competencies are presented and explored. For each competency, 2 case-scenarios relevant to students in pre-clinical years and 2 scenarios applicable to students in their clinical years are available.

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Disclaimer: all the scenarios presented have been anonymized. 

This project was created by Pedro Lourenco (VFMP Class of 2013) in fulfillment of the Doctor, Patient and Society 420 Course requirements for the Student Directed Project Option, under the direct supervision of Drs. Gurdeep Parhar and Eugene Cameron. A special thank you to Dr. Vicky Monsalve for her contributions as project tutor.

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