UBC recognizes outstanding researchers of 2015

Seven members of the Faculty of Medicine, from seven different departments, are being recognized by UBC’s Faculty Research Awards. Winners of these awards were selected by UBC’s Faculty Research Award Committee, which spans arts and humanities, business, education, applied science, science and medicine.

The seven faculty members recognized are:

Jacob Biely Research Prize

Bruce McManus
Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Dr. McManus has made contributions to heart and lung for over 40 years. His research focuses on the mechanisms, consequences, detection and prevention of injury and aberrant repair in inflammatory diseases of the heart and blood vessels. This award is UBC’s premier award for research.

UBC Killam Research Fellowships | Junior Category

Kristin Campbell
Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Dr. Campbell Is investigating the role of exercised in rehabilitation from cancer treatment and how to use exercise in health promotion for cancer survivors post-treatment. This award recognizes the faculty to pursue full-time research during a recognized study leave.

UBC Killam Research Fellowships | Senior Category

Timothy Kieffer
Professor, Departments of Cellular & Physiological Sciences and Surgery
Dr. Kieffer’s research uses a variety of approaches aimed at creating a viable, glucose-responsive source of insulin-producing cells for use in diabetes treatment. His group has also collaborated with industry to generate glucose-responsive insulin producing cells from human embryonic stem cells – work published in Nature Biotechnology and runner-up for Science’s 2014 Breakthrough of the Year.

UBC Killam Research Prizes | Applied Science, Sciences Junior Category

Sohrab Shah
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Shah focuses on characterization of cancer genomes for determination of pathogenic driver mutations in cancer subtypes and measuring and quantifying tumour evolution. This award recognizes outstanding research and scholarly contributions.

UBC Killam Research Prizes | Applied Science, Sciences Senior Category

Leonard Foster
Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Dr. Foster’s research is focused on quantitative proteomics using LC-ESI-MS to study biological systems. His research covers a wide range of topics including pathogen invasion, infection, protein localization, and mapping protein interaction.

Don Sin
Professor, Division of Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Sin is committed to fighting the global epidemic of COPD disease and bringing new solutions to millions of Canadians who suffer from it. His team is working to increase awareness of COPD by public and health care professionals. This award recognizes outstanding research and scholarly contributions.

President’s Award for Public Education Through Media

Steve Morgan
Professor, School of Population and Public Health
Dr. Morgan’s research helps governments balance three sometimes-competing goals: providing equitable access to necessary medicines, managing health care spending responsibly, and providing incentive for valued innovation. This award celebrates active and creative sharing of research expertise through news media.

Each spring, the Office of the Vice President Research & International hosts an awards reception to recognize outstanding UBC researchers. This year the reception will be held in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre on Wednesday March 30.