The Digital Doctor is in … your phone

The digital health sector is growing and there are more and more wellness apps. It’s a sector that’s bringing together game makers and medical experts, engineers and researchers.
Mark Ansermino has led a team that created a phone oximeter, a low-cost device that combines a smartphone with a FDA approved pulse oximeter sensor to measure oxygen levels in blood. The phone oximeter could be used for monitoring in remote areas where patients can’t drop by a local hospital or clinic to get tested.
Daniel Schwartz, a clinical assistant professor at UBC’s medical school, is the co-founder of QxMD, a company that makes mobile software for health care professionals. QxMD has six different products ranging from the diagnostic tool Calculate to a soon-to-be released newsreader app for tablet computers that delivers a customized package of research and journal publications.
UBC’s eHealth Strategy Office focuses on developments both at the university and in partnership with outside companies that use technology to enable and enhance health and wellness.

Vancouver Sun, Sat Apr 28 2012, Page: F2, By: Gillian Shaw, Link to full text