Tests seek to end debate on CPR methods

A North America-wide clinical trial starting Monday will evaluate the treatment methods used by firefighters and paramedics performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to determine which method gives victims of heart attack the best chance of survival.
Dr. Jim Christenson is the B.C. principal investigator for the trial and head of UBC’s Department of Emergency Medicine. Christenson said all of Vancouver’s firefighters and paramedics have been trained in the two CPR methods and will use one method for six months, then switch to the other for the next six months and repeat that schedule in year two.
Christenson said for the past six years, Vancouver has used the method that does not include pauses between chest compressions and assisted breaths. “We believe pausing the chest compressions stops the overall blood flow to your brain. This [clinical trial] is a formal way to test that theory,” he said.

Vancouver Sun, Fri Jan 27 2012, Page: A4, By: Kim Pemberton