Tanning bed risk pales in comparison to lure of warm glow for teens

If health authorities have their way, B.C. will soon introduce legislation making it illegal for teens to use tanning beds. Tanning beds give off concentrated doses of UVA, and studies show a significant dose-response correlation between tanning bed exposure in youth and skin cancers.
The BC Cancer Agency and the Canadian Pediatric Association, the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Dermatology Association all support a legislated ban on teens using artificial tanning beds.
“To be blunt, there is no safe level of exposure to UV rays,” says Dr. David McLean, Head of Cancer prevention at the BC Cancer Agency and a professor in the department of dermatology at UBC. The age at which skin is exposed, whether in a tanning bed or outdoors, is a factor in later development of skin cancers, he says.

Vancouver Sun, Sat Mar 3 2012, Page: A1, By: Denise Ryan, Link to full text