Soap and water best for norovirus

A Vancouver microbiologist was only half-joking when she urged delegates at an international science conference to wash their hands frequently to avoid getting norovirus, the highly infectious, contagious gastrointestinal bug.
“This conference could be a great route for it,” Natalie Prystajecky quipped, referring to the fact that there are about 8,000 scientists and others attending the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting and it is the peak month for norovirus (gastroenteritis) transmission in the Northern Hemisphere.
Prystajecky, who works at the BC Centre for Disease Control and in pathology and laboratory medicine at UBC, was one of four experts presenting at the symposium called Norovirus: The Modern Scourge of Food and Family.

Vancouver Sun, Sat Feb 18 2012, Page: A8, By: Pamela Fayerman and Scott Simpson, Link to full text