Poor health care, lack of social services why women reoffend

For every 100 women released from a B.C. jail this year, 45 of them will be back behind bars next year.
The vast majority of these women will not reoffend because they love committing crimes, says a unique study by UBC researchers titled Doing Time, but directly related to a lack of access to health care and social supports in the community.
The study results show the chances that a women will re-commit a crime increase significantly if she has poor physical health, eats badly, is not educated, and has poor spiritual/ emotional health, said project co-leader Prof. Patricia Janssen, of the UBC School of Population and Public Health.
Going into this study, Prof. Ruth Martin, of UBC’s Department of Family Practice, thought it would show that inmates didn’t know how to access services on the outside; instead, it showed there simply aren’t enough resources.
“When they are released they feel shunned and are shunned by the community that is nervous of them,” said Martin, the study’s other co-leader. “They just don’t know how to live.”

Vancouver Sun, Sat May 12 2012, Page: A4, By: Lori Culbert, Link to full text