Director, Office of Professionalism and Respectful Environments

Roslyn Goldner was appointed Director, Office of Professionalism and Respectful Environments (OPARE) in June 2020. Ms. Goldner has been the Senior Advisor to the Dean on Professionalism since July 2019, and brings a wealth of experience to the role, including her support of the Faculty for many years as external legal counsel. She has provided workplace training and support to many organizations during her career.

OPARE will continue to provide advice and support to all members of the Faculty of Medicine community with concerns related to breaches of professionalism, the Statement on Respectful Environments, and mistreatment in the learning environments. In addition, OPARE will lead and coordinate proactive initiatives and training to raise awareness and promote a culture of respect and professionalism across the Faculty, including overseeing the implementation of the Dean’s Task Force on Respectful Environments recommendations. Throughout the implementation process, OPARE will engage units and leadership across the Faculty to advance each recommendation.