MD students win UBC’s Premier Undergraduate & Wesbrook Scholarships

Miles Marchand and Stewart Andrew Guy are two of our MD Undergraduate students that have received UBC’s 2016-2017 Premier Undergraduate Scholarship & Wesbrook Scholar awards.  The scholarships are the University’s most prestigious designations, given to senior students at all levels of study with outstanding academic performance, leadership, involvement in student and community activities, and participation in sports (for some awards).

Third-year MD student Miles Marchand is the Sherwood LETT Memorial Scholarship recipient. The scholarship awards the recipient $5,000, and has been endowed by alumni, faculty and staff, students, colleagues, and friends. The scholarship pays tribute to an outstanding graduate who rendered distinguished service to the University, to his profession and, both in war and peace, to his country. It is awarded to the candidate who most fully displays the all-round qualities exemplified by the late Sherwood Lett.

Fourth-year MD student Stewart Andrew Guy is the Carl Bradford Robertson Scholarship recipient. The scholarship awards the recipient $9,100, and has been endowed through a bequest from Edna Mary Robertson as a memorial to her late son. The scholarship recognizes those that have a good academic standing, demonstrated achievement in sports and participation in student and community activities.

This year, 20 outstanding students were selected as Wesbrook Scholars and of the Scholars, 15 were chosen as recipients of the prestigious Premier Undergraduate Scholarships. Two additional students, who received the Wesbrook Scholar designation in 2015, were recipients of Premier Undergraduate Scholarships.