Keep having mammographies

Dr. Paula Gordon, clinical professor of radiology at UBC and the medical director of the Breast Program at B.C. Women’s Hospital, responds to an article by Cornelia Baines that argued that the benefits of screening mammography do not outweigh the downsides.
“Unfortunately, she has understated the benefit, and overstated the downsides, so her ratio is misleading,” writes Dr. Gordon. “She says that there is a 20%-30% reduction in deaths from breast cancer when women are screened. Many experts would argue that the number is at least 30%, which is not minuscule.”
“Women and their doctors understand that mammography is not perfect, and often detects cysts and other non-cancerous abnormalities. They are willing to have a little anxiety and the additional tests; they are not willing to have a little cancer.”

National Post, Fri Jan 20 2012, Page: A9, By: Dr. Paula Gordon