How a 73-year-old stroke victim is using Canadian research to retrain his brain

Paralysis, memory loss, garbled speech, life can be hell for stroke survivors. But cutting-edge brain research may one day help them to regain some of their lost skills and could even help us all learn more rapidly.
Lara Boyd is a researcher at UBC who studies the brain’s capacity to learn. A child’s brain can easily reorganize itself and form new connections. The young brain constantly adapts to the tasks it faces. It’s what scientists call neuroplasticity.
In Boyd’s UBC lab, researchers want to know if they can accelerate a patient’s recovery from stroke by stimulating the brain. They will use a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation. “I’m preparing the brain to learn,” said Boyd.

CBC The National, Fri May 4 2012, By: Frederic Zalac, Link to full text