Getting into UBC’s medical school is tough!

Medical school has always been hard to get into but recently it was discovered that UBC’s school of medicine is getting harder and harder to get into. Parents anxious to get their son or daughter into UBC are trying everything to get their kid in – calling their MLA’s, calling the dean, or pulling out their chequebooks are just something parents have been doing.
“Within UBC it is very competitive. We have around about 1,800 applicants each year for the 288 spots that we offer,” said Dr. Dave Snadden, executive associate dean of education at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine.
“We’re aware that we do get pressure from different sectors trying to help people but we’ve put in a bulletproof system. There is just no way we’d allow the process to be influenced. We deal directly with the candidate and we’re only looking at the attributes of the candidate. When they come through in the selection system, the candidates are anonymous.”

CKNW Simi Sara Show, Thu Mar 15 2012