Farah Shroff receives Spirit Trent Award

Farah Shroff

Dr. Farah Shroff

Dr. Farah Shroff is one of five recipients of the 2014 Alumni Awards from Trent University.

Dr. Shroff was recognized with the 2014 Spirit of Trent Award for her continued passion in making the world a better place through her leadership and contribution towards midwifery, holistic health, social justice and community wellness.

Dr. Shroff’s, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Family Practice and the School of Population and Public Health’s main areas of research are focused on holistic, community development for health and social justice, and health system design and delivery.  She has written publications related to midwifery, women’s health, HIV/AIDS, health policy, international health and innovative health care delivery.  Besides teaching at UBC, Dr. Shroff is also a consultant in health and social issues.  She also remains active in the B.C. community where she works closely with First Nations people to address environmental concerns.

The awards were given out at that 9th Annual Alumni Awards Ceremony at the CBC Production Facilities in Toronto.