Fall Grad 2015


This week, students from a diverse range of Faculty of Medicine programs — including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and audiology and speech-language pathology — will toss their caps in the air, as they mark the end of their academic journey at UBC and set off as graduates, ready to embrace new opportunities and career paths.

Meet our Grads

Find out where our graduates are headed next, and what advice they have for incoming students.

Nick Snow

Master of Science (Rehabilitation Sciences)

Katie Cheung

Master of Physical Therapy

Linh Huynh

Master of Occupational Therapy

Honorary Degree Recipient Profile:
Dr. Rachel Thibeault

Rachel Thibeault, O.C., is a professor in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Ottawa and the first occupational therapist to receive an honorary degree from UBC. Thibeault is an officer of the Order of Canada and is recognized for her work on issues of social justice in health care. She has worked with victims of war in Sierra Leone, persons with AIDS in Zambia, leprosy in Ethiopia, and disability in Nicaragua. Thibeault will give a public talk on Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Meet other UBC fall honorary degree recipients recognized for their research and community work.