Double take: Pink and Green Ribbon campaign ties breast health to environment

Carolyn Gotay, who specializes in cancer prevention at UBC and is an affiliate scientist with the B.C. Cancer Agency, runs a prevention and risk-assessment clinic at the B.C. Women’s Hospital in Vancouver.
She said upwards of 50 per cent of breast cancer diagnoses are preventable, with genetic factors accounting for only five to 10 per cent. However, she said a wide body of research points to making a different set of lifestyle choices than those espoused by the pink-and-green campaign when it comes to prevention.
Gotay said the connection between the physical environment and health — and cancer in particular – is “understudied,” mainly because it’s so difficult to measure exposure. Science doesn’t yet have the ability to trace people for a vast range of variables over lengthy time periods.
This Canadian Press wire story also ran in also the Winnipeg Free Press and the Tyee.

Global News, Fri Jan 27 2012, By: Tamsyn Burgmann