Canadian family donates brains to UBC-led study

An international research team led by human genetics researchers at UBC has identified an abnormal gene associated with typical late-onset Lewy body Parkinson’s disease.
Twelve of the 57 members of the extended family who participated in the study had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.
“A breakthrough like this would not be possible without their involvement and support. They gave considerable time, contributed clinical information, donated blood samples, participated in PET imaging studies and – on more than one occasion following the death of a family member – donated brain samples,” Matthew Farrer, the UBC medical genetics professor who led the study.
“We are forever indebted to their generosity and contribution to better understanding – and ultimately finding a cure – for this debilitating disease.”
The study has also been covered by the Star Phoenix, Global Montreal and Global Saskatoon.

Vancouver Sun, Tue Jul 3 2012, Page: B7, By: Lana Haight, Link to full text