Brain-wasting: Neurodegenerative diseases

Researcher in the U.K. believe they have unlocked the mechanism that kills neurons in the brain – this discover could eventually be useful for treating neurodegenerative diseases like Alzeimer’s or Parkinson’s.
Neil Cashman, professor of neurology at UBC, is in Amsterdam attending the International Prion Conference. He explains the findings of the U.K. study on CBC’s The Current.
“When there is misfolded proteins, when a protein lacks its proper three-dimensional shape, it tends to accumulate and triggers a stress pathway that shuts down the expression of all protein so that the cell can recover from the burden of misfolded protein,” said Cashman. “In neurodegeneration, and especially in the prion diseases, the protein misfolding continues and continues to provide stress.”

CBC The Current, Wed May 9 2012, Link to full text