A new fertility test is changing women’s lives

A new fertility test for women measures how much “anti-müllerian hormone” a woman produces in her ovarian follicles. It is fast becoming the pre-eminent tool for fertility specialists in North America and Europe to determine the chances of their patients getting pregnant.
AMH testing promises to pinpoint her chances of getting pregnant today, how that might change, and whether there is anything to be done about it.
“It’s a very good test because it tells people something about their biological clock that we really didn’t have a widely available, accessible and reliable test for before” explains Dr. Beth Taylor, co-director of Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver and a professor UBC. “Information is very empowering. As a woman, I would want to know where I am on that fertility scale.”

Maclean’s, Wed Mar 14 2012, By: Cathy Gulli, Link to full text