Breakthroughs & Discoveries: A Timeline

Research Excellence

The Faculty of Medicine provides and fosters innovative research that advances knowledge and translates new discoveries to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Research opportunities feature extensive collaborations across other faculties, health institutions and health partners across British Columbia, Canada and internationally.

The Faculty’s three major research priorities are: cancer; neuroscience and mental health; and heart and lung disease. Most Faculty research is conducted under the auspices of six institutes and 15 centres that are part of UBC or affiliated with it.


UBC’s Ed Conway joins Canadian network on venous thromboembolism

Dr. Conway, Director of UBC's Centre for Blood Research, will co-lead the network's translational/basic science platform.

Are exercise pills in our future?

Not anytime soon, says Professor Ismail Laher. But he believes a pill could help people with mobility issues or gym rats who want to reach their goals...

Sam Aparicio co-leads cancer “Dream Team”

The team will test three candidate drugs for their effectiveness in halting or slowing cancer cell reproduction, and hope to identify biomarkers of dr...


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