Breakthroughs & Discoveries: A Timeline

Research Excellence

The Faculty of Medicine provides and fosters innovative research that advances knowledge and translates new discoveries to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Research opportunities feature extensive collaborations across other faculties, health institutions and health partners across British Columbia, Canada and internationally.

The Faculty’s three major research priorities are: cancer; neuroscience and mental health; and heart and lung disease. Most Faculty research is conducted under the auspices of six institutes and 15 centres that are part of UBC or affiliated with it.


Some people with cardiac chest pain can avoid further testing

Clinical Assistant Professor Christopher Fordyce and colleagues in the U.S. developed an online tool to help decide whether further testing can be def...

Yeast found in babies’ guts increases risk of asthma

Microbiologist Brett Finlay will now re-examine the Canadian samples and look for the presence of yeast in the gut of infants.

Sam Aparicio part of global team creating 3-D tumour map

The tool will allow examination of a patient’s entire tumour in unprecedented detail to improve diagnosis and treatment for the disease.


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