Ontario midwives want birth centres for low-risk pregnancies

The Association of Ontario Midwives is urging the province to invest $12 million in a two-year pilot project that would open five birth centres for women with low-risk pregnancies. The midwives contend that funding such centres makes financial sense: Community settings are less expensive than hospitals.
“There’s no question that out-of-hospital birth is as safe or safer than hospital births for comparable populations,” says Vancouver pediatrician and maternal health advocate Dr. Michael C. Klein, a professor emeritus of family practice and pediatrics at UBC and senior scientist at the B.C. Child and Family Research Centre.
Studies have consistently shown that even with a midwife, the odds of medical interventions — especially C-sections — are higher the moment a women crosses the threshold into a hospital, says Klein.

Toronto Star, Fir Feb 24 2012, By: Andrea Gordon, Link to full text