UBC research links two common drug types to night-time leg cramps
January 8, 2012A UBC clinical assistant professor has made the first statistical link between two major types of drugs and nocturnal leg cramps – involuntary muscle contractions, often coming during sleep, that afflict 37 per cent to 50 per cent of older people. Scott Garrison, in the Department of Family Practice, has shown that a person who […] Read More >

Faculty member receives grant from Novo Nordisk to study potential cause of obesity
January 8, 2012James Johnson, Associate Professor in the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, has won a $625,000 grant from Novo Nordisk to pursue research that could upend conventional notions about the interplay between insulin, obesity and diabetes. Insulin is the hormone that enables glucose to be stored by muscle and fat cells, but there is still […] Read More >

Groups seek limits on ‘genetic discrimination’
January 8, 2012Advances in medical science are bringing us closer toward understanding the genetic underpinnings of disease, but a growing number of experts fear this progress could have serious consequences, allowing insurers and employers to use the information to deny coverage and benefits. “We have no legislation against discrimination,” said Michael Hayden , Canada Research Chair in […] Read More >

UBC Southern Medical Program’s inaugural class begins studies
January 3, 2012 Read More >

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