MDs should rethink osteoporosis drugs
June 14, 2012Bisphosphonates, drugs regularly prescribed to women at risk of bone fracture resulting from osteoporosis, have come under increasing scrutiny lately.One study, which appeared in the Archives of Internal Medicine, indicated that this class of medication might actually exacerbate the risk of femoral fractures in some patients. Health Canada research has also indicated that use of […] Read More >

CMMT celebrates its 15th anniversary
June 13, 2012CMMT’s 15th Anniversary from CMMT on Vimeo. Members of the medical research community gathered together on June 5 to celebrate the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics’ 15th anniversary. More than 260 supporters from government, education, health care, and life sciences communities came out for an evening of celebration. Charles Sabine, a UK journalist served […] Read More >

Neurogeneticist hopes to get to the roots of Parkinson’s disease
June 13, 2012UBC neurogeneticist Matt Farrer has been persistent in decoding the gentics of Parkinson’s disease – and his doggedness is beginning to pay off.Since mapping the genetic foundations of the disease, Farrer says he hopes drug companies will be able to tailor medications to combat the root of the disease, and not merely the symptoms,“Neurogenetics is […] Read More >

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, says urologist
June 13, 2012An improvement in treatment, lifestyles and detection of prostate cancer has led to a substantial drop in the number of men who die or suffer severe pain from the disease over the past 20 years, writes UBC urologist Larry S. Goldenberg.However, Goldenberg cautions that it’s important to distinguish between the severe, aggressive forms and slow, […] Read More >

Clinic offers answers to women worried about breast cancer
June 6, 2012A new consultation clinic at BC Women’s Hospital will afford women concerned about breast cancer to learn about risk factors for the disease, and how to avoid them.“The clinic is for women who are worried about breast cancer, aren’t sure of their risk and want to know what they can do to reduce their risk,” […] Read More >

UBC recognizes brain and heart researchers with $50,000 prizes
June 5, 2012John Cairns of UBC (left) won the prize for heart research, and Guy Rouleau (right) won for his work on brain diseases. Read More >

10 ways to keep your brain sharp
June 2, 2012Many experts now believe you can prevent or at least delay dementia. The Minneapolis Star Tribune lists 10 ways to boost your brain health.Older women who participated in a weight-training program at UBC did 13 percent better on tests of cognitive function than a group of women who did balance and toning exercises. “Resistance training […] Read More >

June 2012
June 1, 2012Leadership Opportunities Available The Faculty is recruiting for several leadership positions, including new positions in the MD Undergraduate Program: Director of Assessment Director of Curriculum Director of Foundations of Medicine Director, Year 4 Clinical Electives, Island Medical Program Assistant Dean, Vancouver Assistant Dean, Fraser Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, Northern Medical Program Other leadership positions in […] Read More >

Vancouver slides backwards in fight to eradicate street homelessness
May 30, 2012Vancouver has taken a solid step backwards in its efforts to eradicate street homelessness, with double the people sleeping on heating grates, in alleys and in store doorways this year than last. A report released Tuesday said the actual number of street homeless has gone from 154 in 2011 to 306 this year.The report was […] Read More >

Spontaneous coronary artery dissection means heart attacks can hit fit people
May 30, 2012Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD), which is caused by a tear in the lining of an artery, affects mostly fit, healthy, younger women who don’t have the typical risk factors associated with heart attacks.Jacqueline Saw, an interventional cardiologist at Vancouver General Hospital and an associate professor at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine, has become one of […] Read More >

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