Advances in technology are shaping Parkinson’s research
December 16, 2016UBC Professor Martin McKeown talks about his research interests, what he hopes to accomplish and his recent collaboration with Conquer Mobile. Read More >

Rehabilitation Research Program shows off its work
December 16, 2016The program focuses on improving rehabilitation for individuals with stroke, improving quality of life for individuals who rely on power mobility devices, and mitigating the effects of secondary complications. Read More >

Potentially avoidable breast cancer surgeries carry big costs
December 15, 2016Clinical Assistant Professor Chris Baliski finds Canada's re-operation rates are adding $2 million a year to B.C.'s health care spending. Read More >

Elisabeth McClymont wins top student prize at immunization conference
December 14, 2016Her research explored whether the HPV vaccine is less effective in women who are HIV-positive. Read More >

UBC maps cardiac arrest across metro Vancouver
December 9, 2016Neighborhoods with higher proportions of ethnic Chinese residents had a higher frequency of bystanders performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Read More >

Future birth options should be discussed sooner after C-section: UBC study
December 8, 2016Postdoctoral fellow Sarah Munro found that many women who underwent C-section felt dissatisfied at the information they received from health-care providers. Read More >

Asthma medication adherence would have dramatic effect on health costs
December 6, 201690 per cent of asthma patients have asthma that could be controlled, but only 25 to 30 per cent of patients are managing their condition properly. Read More >

An “effervescing” coagulant shows promise in the operating room
December 6, 2016The experiments provide more evidence that the technology has the potential to replace surgeons’ reliance on packing or other techinques to control bleeding. Read More >

Donors vote for UBC’s Philipp Lange in grant competition
December 6, 2016Dr. Lange (far left) and his team are exploring unique proteins in leukemia to find more effective and less harmful treatments for children. Read More >

A Japanese art leads to a futuristic innovation – brain “organoids”
December 5, 2016Spheroids of brain cells that were skewered onto needles could provide a more authentic, 3-D model for studying gliomas. Read More >

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