Fighting Alzheimer’s starts in the kitchen

UBC neurology research expert Dr. Pat McGeer eats ginger every day, a personal strategy for warding off Alzheimer’s disease. The idea is to help prevent protein plaque buildup in the brain that leads to the disease, McGeer told delegates at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting.
Plaque is made up of beta amyloid (A-beta) protein. Studies have shown A-beta deposits, sometimes called senile plaques, are in the brain many years before memory loss and other dementia symptoms appear.
“Since the primary cause of Alzheimer’s is brain deposits of A-beta, preventing these deposits, or helping their clearance, should prevent the disease,” said McGeer, noting that he now eats the ginger because a small lab study showed ginger extract cleared A-beta aggregation in brains riddled with it.

Vancouver Sun, Tue Feb 21 2012, Page: A1, By: Pamela Fayerman, Link to full text