Our Strategic Direction

UBC Faculty of Medicine: Our Strategic Direction is the Faculty’s strategic plan. In support of UBC’s Place and Promise strategic plan, it is a living document that guides our decision-making, aligns our priorities and drives our academic and budget decisions with the goal of helping us meet our commitments and fulfill our vision for the future: Through Knowledge, Creating Health.

Our Mandate

We contribute to the health of individuals and communities locally, nationally, and internationally by fostering excellence, innovation and scholarship in education, research, and care.

Our Values & Principles

Our thinking and actions are guided by four key values: Excellence | Mutual Respect | Caring | Integrity

Our Commitments

In fulfilling our mandate the Faculty has made five commitments with supporting goals and actions in which our values and principles are embedded. The following commitments will assist us in realizing our vision for the future:

We believe transformative learning leads to high quality patient outcomes and transformation of our communities.

We pursue the highest standards of health education scholarship and innovation, and are committed to ensuring all educational programs prepare our learners for evidence-based practice, critical reflection, lifelong learning and an ability to deliver service in a highly professional manner.

Sustaining Sponsor:
Dr. David Snadden, Executive Associate Dean, Education

  1. To continue the development and delivery of excellent and innovative health education programs, responsive to the needs of our communities.

Our research translates new discoveries to improve the public’s health and well-being.

We provide and foster innovative research across the full continuum, from basic science to applied science and then to knowledge implementation, and are recognized nationally and internationally for research innovation.

Sustaining Sponsor:
Dr. Howard Feldman, Executive Associate Dean, Research

  1. Advance research that fosters innovation, creates knowledge, and translates discoveries to improve health practices, policies and outcomes
  2. Continue as a world leading research institution and use that recognition to address health challenges nationally, and internationally
  3. Sustain and grow our pre-eminence in research and translation in the following targeted areas:
    • Neuroscience/Mental Health
    • Heart and Lung Disease
    • Cancer
  4. Encourage innovation and initiatives in new frontiers of research

With partners, we promote innovative health care.

In partnership with health authorities, other educational institutions and health care providers, we are committed to building and maintaining a health care system that strives for the best possible health for British Columbians. Such a goal will have positive ramifications for communities across Canada and around the world.

Sustaining Sponsor:
Dr. Gurdeep Parhar, Executive Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs

  1. To build, strengthen and sustain partnerships with key stakeholders
  2. To promote “Best Health” through prevention and clinical excellence
  3. Ensure high quality health providers for the Province
  4. To promote health system innovation and leadership development
  5. Work together with academic partners to identify the University’s long-term health and life science priorities

We support each other in achieving bold goals.

Because we encourage achieving bold goals, we must invest in a diversity of people who are committed to lifelong learning, professional service, and evidence-based practice. We acknowledge the value and unique talents and contributions of all partners, who must be able to work in an equitable environment to succeed.

Sustaining Sponsor:
Shanda Jordan Gaetz, Executive Director, Faculty Affairs

  1. To invest in the best people to work in the health sciences sector
  2. To strengthen the capacity and capability of academic leadership
  3. To be a leader in fostering engagement and collaboration with Faculty, University and external stakeholders

We ensure effectiveness and relevance.

Working closely with the University and our partners, we are committed to accountability and economic sustainability. We are prudent with our resources and mindful of our mandate, and evaluate our plans to ensure effectiveness and relevance.

  1. To ensure economic sustainability of the Faculty
  2. To ensure systems sustainability and appropriate infrastructure to support academic activities across the province
  3. To identify alternate sources of funding


If you would like to contribute to this process, have a question or if you would like to tell us about what’s happening in your area that supports Our Strategic Directions, we invite you to share your ideas and get involved.


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